[:ro]Rasina LCD/DLP 3DM Dental Model [:en] 3DM Dental Model LCD/DLP Resin[:]

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[:ro]Vascozitatea scazută permite curățarea rapidă și ușoară a modelelor , folosind doar apă .

Compatibilitate cu toate impriantele tip LCD tip Phrozen, Anycubic, Wanhao, Zortax etc

Cantitate: 1 litru

Indicatii curatare si polimerizare [:en]3DM DM (Dental Model) water-washable resin is optimized for high-precision dental and orthodontic models where a high precision is needed.

DM resin is characterized by its high degree of accuracy, making this material suitable for detailed master models which show high visual details due to color and opacity and an ideal surface for scan-impressions.

3DM DM water-washable resin is the perfect choice for a wide variety of modeling needs, stability during the build, resulting in lower shrinkage and curling than competitors’ products. The water-washable and low viscosity 3DM DM allows for quick and easy cleanup of the models.[:]


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